Happy Birthday

Series: Founder's Edition
Artist: @Bunnibibo

Digital NFT Greeting cards on the Blockchain!

Create and send NFT Greeting cards to loved ones, forever stored on the blockchain, never lose another card again. Greeting cards and gift cards represent more than $1 trillion annually in the US market alone!


Airdrop Announced!

To promote and debut our product to the users and members of the space Ovation will be offering a series of airdrop giveaways. This will include a series of Mini Airdrops that do not require any purchase and also a larger airdrop that will be exclusively for Founder’s Club members. Read on to learn more about each of these airdrops and how to qualify for each.
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Ovation Founder's Edition

The launch of Ovation is finally here! The Founder's Edition is the first release of blockchain greeting cards. These items are available at a standard low price or users can purchase an extremely limited supply of Collector's Edition cards from the Founder's Edition. Owning either variant will grant entry into the exclusive group of early supporters.
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Ovation Beta App Launched!

The Ovation Beta App is now live on Ethereum mainnet. You can interact with the smart contract by entering the beta app directly on our website. All items are available for purchase with permanent ownership backed by blockchain technology. These items are created with the ERC-721 standard and are fully interoperable with other NFT markets.
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Ethereum Homepage.01 ETH

  • Founder's Member
  • Widely Available
  • Unique Art
  • Decentralized Item


Ethereum Homepage.2 ETH

  • Founder's Member
  • Limited Supply
  • Special Unique Art
  • Decentralized Item


Ethereum HomepageAirdrop

  • Founder's Member
  • Very Limited Supply
  • Airdrop Only Exclusive Art
  • Decentralized Item

Learn More About Ovation NFT

Many of our relationships in the modern age are completely digital. Often we have intimate friendships with people whose names and addresses we may not know. However, we still value these relationships just as much as we value our friends and family we meet with in person on a daily basis.

Invitations, gift cards, notifications, announcements, congratulations and many other types of messages are meant to be special. A user can send a unique item or gift digitally just like how they would send a birthday or congratulations to a friend in the real world. They can include an embedded NFT or a crypto gift for their recipient with embedded value.

The Ovation business strategy is to partner with other blockchain solutions to make an OVT capable of carrying any type of Token or NFT as a gift for the recipient. Furthermore, these NFT items will be issued in series-release format on the Ovation NFT market-place.

Ovation NFT items will be presented initially on the Ethereum network under the ERC-721 specification. Minting functions are derivative of industry standard Open Zeppelin solidity contracts. Future releases of NFT artwork may be from third parties or independent artists.

Ovation is a digital representation of the greeting card aisle at your local market. We love to send notes for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions to date there’s never been a good digital equivalent. With OVT users will be able to send digital greeting cards to friends anywhere around the world.

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