Happy Birthday!

Series: Founder's Edition
Artist: @Bunnibibo

Digital NFT Greeting cards on the Blockchain!

Create and send NFT Greeting cards to loved ones, forever stored on the blockchain, never lose another card again. Greeting cards and gift cards represent more than $1 trillion annually in the US market alone!

Greeting Cards on the Blockchain

Greeting Cards on the Blockchain

We are in a new era of communication. Relationships and friendships online can be just as intimate and personal as those we have in our daily lives. In many ways the friends we have online know more about us than our own families and we might not even know their names. There is something missing in the digital world without a special way to celebrate big moments and special life events for our online friends.
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Send an Ovation

Send an Ovation

The Ovation Market is a place where anyone can purchase an Ovation NFT. The NFT items can be held for later or sent out as a special gift. Browse our library of original NFT artwork; find a perfect item for the occasion and sign it with a special thought. Coming soon we will feature series releases of special NFT artwork for when the message must be absolutely perfect.
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Many of our relationships in the modern age are completely digital. Often we have intimate friendships with people whose names and addresses we may not know. However we still value these relationships just as much as we value our friends and family we meet with in person on a daily basis.

Invitations, gift cards, notifications, announcements, congratulations and many other types of messages are meant to be special. A user can send a unique item or gift digitally just like how they would send a birthday or congratulations to a friend in the real world. They can include an embedded NFT or a crypto gift for their recipient with embedded value.

The Ovation business strategy is to partner with other blockchain solutions to make an OVT capable of carrying any type of Token or NFT as a gift for the recipient. Furthermore these NFT items will be issued in series-release format on the Ovation NFT marketplace.

Ovation NFT items will be presented initially on the Ethereum network under the ERC-721 specification. Minting functions are derivative of industry standard Open Zeppelin solidity contracts. Future releases of NFT artwork may be from third parties or independent artists.

Ovation is a digital representation of the greeting card aisle at your local market. We love to send notes for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions to date there’s never been a good digital equivalent. With OVT users will be able to send digital greeting cards to friends anywhere around the world.

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