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Learn About Ovation NFT

Learn more about the team behind Ovation, what drives us, and what makes us successful. This is a special project, we aim to make NFTs accessible with a lower barrier to entry and improve their usefulness with gift-oriented application use-cases.

Ovation Roadmap

Last Updated: March 28th, 2022

Concept and Whitepaper

Q3 2021

After the genesis meeting our team created a project with a clear business plan and appropriate legal business filings. Founded in the USA with three owners the Ovation project came to life in 2021. With the business creation out of the way we developed a functional strategy to bring our business plan to life. This includes the initial writing of our whitepaper and extensive internal dialog about what our project will become in the long run.

Internal Progress: Complete Complete

Ethereum Rinkeby Test Network Beta

Q1 2022

The initial launch of the application market contract and NFT contract have been made on the Rinkeby test network. The Rinkeby test network is a fully functional copy of the Ethereum mainnet that is used exclusively for testing and development purposes. Launching our smart contracts on the Rinkeby test network was a huge milestone for our project. Having our contracts live on Rinkeby enabled a new wave of function testing, debugging, and security passes.

Internal Progress: Complete Complete

Ethereum Main Launch

Q2 2022

The initial launch of the application market contract and NFT contract will be made on the Ethereum mainnet network. After reaching a satisfactory state on the test network we will deploy our smart contracts onto the mainnet. This contract will become a staple part of our operation and this represents a soft launch for our project. The scope will still be somewhat limited as we work to roll out future features and products. The launch of the contracts onto Ethereum mainnet will be a big deal for us.

Internal Progress: Complete Complete

Series Release #1: Founder's Edition

Q2 2022

The Founder's Edition will be our first live public sales release. These will be special items generated specifically for this debut event. Founder's Edition buyers will earn special perks as early adopters and supporters of our ambitious project! We have many future plans for Founders who choose to become early supporters of our products. Holding any of these Founder's Edition tokens in your wallet will include you in a special group who may see future benefits. The Founder's Edition will be a single edition release. We will never do any subsequent releases of Founder's Edition items so this marks a special opportunity.

Internal Progress: Complete Complete

Series Release #2: Father's Day Cards

Estimated Q2 2022

The 2nd Series Release from Ovation is scheduled and underway. The 2nd Artwork Release from Ovation will be for Father's Day! This holiday is June 19th in the USA. This artwork series of release will be unique from the Founder's Edition and will consist of entirely new artwork. This Father's Day release wave will have a corresponding collector's edition of unique colored artwork that is distinct from the standard Father's Day release.

Internal Progress: 75%

Sending an Ovation

Q3 2022

Our first major feature update. This feature will give users the ability to send an NFT Greeting Card direclty to a loved one's wallet during the minting proces. It is a major stepping stone because having the ability to easily and directly gift to others is an esssential part of the gift giving experience.

Internal Progress: 45%

Card Signing and Custom Messages

Estimated Q3 2022

Signing a card and writing a custom message is an important part of what makes an Ovation special. Writing a message and attaching that to an NFT item is unique code being developed internally. This feature is under active development and has a working internal alpha. Users will be able to flip a card over to read a private message on the back. This emulates that natural behavior when signing and sending a card to a loved one. Finer details of this feature are still being determined.

Internal Progress: 25%

Gallery Upgrade and Backside Messages

Estimated Q3 2022

Signing a card is important but where does that message go and how is it displayed to the reader? We are working on a card gallery feature that will give special benefits and features to users who are viewing Ovation card items. Users will be able to flip card over to view the custom message and signature of the user who sent and signed the card. This feature is a key user experience upgrade and will bring the feeling of reading a real card to the digital world.

Internal Progress: 30%

Streamlined Card Sending to Non-Wallet Destinations

Estimated Q4 2022

Not everyone has a crypto wallet. We intent to have a streamlined process for sending Ovations to users who have not yet created a wallet. Essentially a wallet will be created internally and a claim process will be developed to allow the recipient to easily take full custody of their item.

Internal Progress: 15%

Card and Message Privacy

Estimated Q1 2023

Privacy and security are important. We think it is important for users to be able to securely hide their private messages. We understand that personal cards may often contain private or sensitive information and we intend to create a solution for private messages. This feature is in the conceptual phase and the specific details are still being determined.

Internal Progress: 15%

Value Embedding

Estimated 2023

Value embedding is a very important feature we are amining to integrate. With this we envision a Web3 future where you can send an Ovation that contains other content. Just like when you receive a card with a $20 bill inside users will be able to embed value inside of an Ovation. This can be any crypto currency, another NFT item, a gift card, or something new we haven't even thought of yet!

Internal Progress: 15%

Ongoing Improvements and Feature Additions

2023 and Beyond

We are constnatly thinking of new features and ideas for the Ovation marketplace. Finding new and innovating ways to approach NFTs. We plan to do a new collection for every major holiday and event. If you have ideas for desired features please head over to the contact page and send them to our team for consideration.

Internal Progress: 15%

How Ovation Came to Be

We came together around the idea of digital greeting cards. The greeting card industry is enormous and doesn’t have a good digital equivalent in the online world. We aim to change that by bringing blockchain technology into the mix and placing these items into the custody of the user so they can share something real with those they care about.

We came together as a group of blockchain enthusiasts who were trying to leverage this new wave of technology in a way that actually solves problems. Our core team members have years of experience mining, trading, holding, and minting. Experience pays dividends in this dynamic and rapidly evolving industry.

Our team brings together people with a wide variety of skills that all complement each other. Developers with strong backgrounds in objet-oriented programming and full stack web development are supported by a marketing department, administrative staff, and financial advisors. Ovation is a real business founded in the USA in 2021. Tokenomics, financial plans, and our full roadmap are available in the whitepaper section of our website.

Team leadership and the core partners were brought together by an incubator in Michigan known as Honey Associates. This start-up project was organized and developed by a small team of experts who retain independence and maintain operational control of the company. Our decentralized application lets our decentralized team operate in a trustless environment with full confidence in what we create.

In time when a lack of regulation in the cryptocurrency space has caused a wave of untrustworthy projects to take advantage of their users, we decided to take an alternate route. Honey Associates and Ovation members identities are publicly disclosed and all operations take place under a business filing within the USA. We remain a dynamic, flexible, and talented team and we keep that special crypto energy that makes this space so energizing.

about Steve

Steve Barrett

Founder and CEO of Ovation. Degree in Digital Media. Long Time Cryptocurrency Enthusiast and Web Developer. Founder of Several eCommerce Websites.

  • Bootstrap Themes Michigan, USA
about Jack

Jack Synon

Co-Founder of Ovation. A Top-Tier Developer and Solidity Programmer. Expert in Smart Contracts and Champion of Distributed Technologies.

  • Bootstrap Themes Melbourne, Australia
about Tomas

Tomas Alberty

Co-Founder of Ovation. NFT Enthusiast. A Software Engineers with over 8 years of experience developing highly optimized and scalable software solutions.

  • Bootstrap Themes Puerto Rico, USA

Ovation Support

Support Department

Sometimes we all need a little help. Ovation offers a full support team that is ready to handle any kind of customer request or service issue.

  • language   English, Spanish. Fully Remote Service Team
Ovation Marketing

Marketing Department

We take marketing seriously and work hard to curate a holistic brand package and cohesive user experience. Our marketing team works tirelessly to service our users.

  • language   English, Spanish. Fully Remote Service Team.

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