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Learn About the Founder's Collection

This collection is the premier release from Ovation. read more about two pricing models that both gain owner's entry into the exclusive Founder's Club.

Founder's Edition

The First Series Release of Ovation Greeting Cards on the Blockchain

By Steven Barrett on May 9th, 2022

Ovation is proud to announce the debut series release of blockchain greeting cards. The Founder's Edition will be available on the Ovation Application which is accessible through our website. This series release will be the genesis of our blockchain greeting cards. The idea behind Ovation is becoming a reality and this is a rare opportunity to be a member of an exclusive club.

The Ovation business model of greeting cards is different from other market approaches to blockchain artwork. A core element of the Ovation product line is to keep the item cost very low so that sending an Ovation can be as inexpensive and easy as sending a greeting card to someone in your community.

In modern times our lives are spent online and many of our friends are people we've never met in person. Often we don't even know their names but we still consider them to be part of our family. The internet has brought people together who do not share the same geographical location and our goal is to create bonds that are uninhibited by distance.

Internet technology and the invention of the blockchain have changed the way we interact across great distances. Our goal is to make it simple and inexpensive to share a greeting card with someone you care about even when there are legacy barriers in the way.

Founder's Editions and Founder's Club

Founder's Edition greeting cards are special because they are the very first series of cards released by Ovation. These greeting cards will be minted in two waves at two price tiers and then never minted again. We hope to give everyone a chance at owning an item in the Founder's Edition. Founder's Edition cards will come in two flavors, limited and standard. These two flavors will feature the same artwork with minor but noticeable differences.

All users who purchase and hold Founder's Edition items will be considered members of the Founder's club. This group of users will have special privileges in our ecosystem as we move forward with future releases. These benefits are yet to be fully realized and will likely change in the future. Obvious benefits would include discounted pricing for future series release, early access, or possibly even exclusive access to special limited releases.

Founders Collector's Edition

The 'Limited' series will be a premium exclusive short run of the Founder's Edition available for people who are collectors or wish to show support for the project at launch. The Founders Edition Limited will be a 10 card series. Each card will have 100 copies minted and serialized. These cards will be available for purchase at a price of 0.2 Ethereum.

Founders Edition

The standard Founder's Edition will be a higher volume release of the same artwork. The 10 cards from the Limited Edition will be released as standard versions with minor differences like background color. Most importantly the standard edition will be minted in greater volume at 1,000 each. These copies will also be much more affordable at an estimated price of 0.01 Ethereum. Users who purchase and hold Founder's Edition Standard cards will be in the same Founder's Club as the owners of the Founder's Collector's Edition.

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