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How to Install Metamask

This article will walk you through how to install the MetaMask Web3 browser extension. Use this extension to interact with the Ovation market-place or any other Web3 website.

How to Install Metamask

By Steven Barrett on May 9th, 2022

Metamask is a browser based wallet. It is an extension that is available for adding onto your browser or mobile device so that you can interact with Web3 websites. Metamask is a widely used application and is highly trusted by the community. You can install metamask into many common browsers including Google Chrome, Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.

For this demonstration we will be installing Metamask into the Google Chrome browser. Downloading and installing the wallet is very easy and only takes a few steps.

Step 1: Download Metamask
step 1

Using a compatible browser navigate to metamask.io and click the download button.

Step 2: Install MetaMask
step 2

On the download page press the Install Button and confirm that it matches the browser application you are using.

Step 3: Add to Chrome
step 3

You will be directed to the Chrome Web Store for browser extensions and there will be a button to “Add to Chrome.” Press that button!

Step 4: Add Extension
step 4

Confirm that you want to install MetaMask to your browser by clicking the button that says “Add Extension.”

Step 5: Wait for Welcome
step 5

Wait a moment for the extension to download and automatically install itself into the browser. After this step completes you will see a new page open that says “Welcome to MetaMask.

Step 6: Create A Wallet
step 6

Click on Create a Wallet.

Step 7: Share Data (Optional)
step 7

Choose to share data or not, you can choose either one based on your own personal preferences.

Step 8: Create A Password
step 8

Create a password.

Step 9: Securing Wallet Video
step 9

Press the Next Button. You can watch the video to learn more but we will explain it in this guide.

Step 10: Record Your Secret Phrase
step 10

Record your Secret Recovery Phrase and store it in a safe place. We recommend writing it down on an actual piece of paper and storing it in a secure place like a combination safe or locked file cabinet. Do not lose this!

Step 11: Confirm Secure Phrase
step 11

Prove that you have recorded the Recovery Phrase by clicking on the words in the order they were given to you. Once all of the words have been entered you can click on the ‘Next” button to move on.

Step 12: Congratulations!
step 12

Congratulations! You have successfully installed MetaMask and activated a new web3 wallet.

Step 13: Add Funds
step 13

Next you will be brought to the main MetaMask wallet. The wallet is there but it is empty. To fund the wallet you must send Ethereum to the address from another wallet or you can press the “Buy” button to purchase Ethereum directly with a typical funding source. You will likely be required to complete a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process which involves submitting some personal information to confirm your identity. This is normal and a safe process to go through.

That’s it! You have now successfully installed MetaMask and activated a new Web3 wallet. From here you can use MetaMask on all kinds of websites that are connected to the blockchain. This will allow you to purchase, sell, trade, or hold all kinds of assets including tokens and NFTs.

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