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Interested in selling your artwork on Ovation? Learn more about commissioning your skills and how to earn from your skills.

Information For Ovation NFT Artists

We take our artist partnerships seriously. Artists are the life of market and without an artist's special touch we wouldn't value these items enough to send them to our loved ones. Ovation is constantly searching for artistic talent and if you are interested please contact us with the form below.

Artists are the backbone of Ovation NFT and our market place so we want to make sure there's fair compensation for their hard earned effort. We offer several payment models for our artist partners to choose from and each one brings special benefits. It's important to be able to match the needs and lifestyle of unique artists who have special considerations for their working careers.

We offer four contract models for artists to choose from.

  • One Time Purchase Order Model

  • Lifetime Inheritance Model

  • Hybrid Inheritance Model

  • Staff Artist Model

A single sale purchase order model allows for an artist to pay paid a large lump sum up front when they deliver their finished art piece. This model offers the fastest return for an artist who is looking to have the quickest method of monetizing their talents.

A lifetime inheritance model is very similar to a typical royalty sales model of art in the traditional market. Artists earn a percentage of each sale and subsequent transaction involving their NFT. With the blockchain NFT standard of ERC-721 there is an inheritance factor build right into the protocol. Artists can earn an amount every time a buyer sales, trades, or transfers one of their NFT items with inheritance turned on. Inheritance lasts for the lifetime of the asset and is as future-proof as the blockchain on which it resides.

A hybrid model is a blend of an upfront fee and a lifetime inheritance. Typically both of these margins will be reduced meaning a smaller initial purchase price and a lower percentage return of inheritance. This model however offers the best of both worlds by giving instant payout for the artist with at least some long-term potential for a popular piece of art.

Last is a staff position where art is created by artists who are directly on staff with Ovation. These artists create quality art with the comfort of a regular paycheck and maintain an inheritance percentage on their created works. Staff positions are reserved for artists that achieve a successful track record on the platform and demonstrate a strong interest in partnering with Ovation long term.

The fees and percentages offered can vary greatly depending on the quality, quantity, and artistic value of the items being presented. Ovation staff work closely to negotiate fair market value and honorable agreements about return percentages. Our staff is willing to work closely with each artist to ensure that everyone is satisfied and able to find an agreement that works for both parties.

Compensation Models

  • One Time Purchase Order Model

  • Lifetime Inheritance Model

  • Hybrid Inheritance Model

  • Staff Artist Model

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